Vea aquí fotos de lo de sucedió detrás de cámara durante la entrevista con Luz María Escobar, hermana de Pablo Escobar.

Showing guests around the second largest city in Colombia, we enjoyed that Medellin City Services does not have prearranged group tours where you are herded into a bus and taken to prearranged destinations  for specific amounts of time, then moved on to somewhere else. They allow their guests to take as much time as they need, and allow a flexibility of schedule that means if they want to leave immediately they can. Every tour is personalized and custom planned, with the guests desires at the centre of decision making. Although this means more effort of the guide’s part, it truly adds to guest enjoyment and happiness.

We were also impressed with the level of consultation that Medellin City Services can offer. If guests are not sure of where they want to go, the company can offer recommendations based upon guest’s interests and wants. Guides will escort guests around the region safely, will interpret and explain what they are seeing and can even negotiate on guests behalf with local vendors should they wish to purchase something. We enjoyed that tour groups are small, rarely including more than four people, allowing groups to integrate easily into the local environment and not stand out as a tourist group. This allows a much more natural and real experience

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